Partner with us

White label Solutions

Our White label solutions gives you the entire range of Explara’s powerful suite of solutions customized the way you want it.

  • - Full power of the Explara platform framework across solutions
  • - Own the solutions, make them an extension of your brand
  • - Customization options, data security and 24x7 support

Licensed Partnership

As a licensed partner, we work closely with you to provide the best experience for your event’s participants.

  • - Standard Explara Solutions available for events on a ‘use-as-is’ basis
  • - Single license for multiple events in a year
  • - Unique Explara portal, data security and 24x7 support

Solutions designed exclusively for Organizers

Registrations, Guests & Discounts

With a simple UI and powerful features make your registrations seamless

Abstract Submissions

Automate your abstract workflows and allow review and submissions online

Delegate Stay & Travel bookings

Allow guests to book accommodation and and travel packages as part of your event registration workflow

Branded Event Mobile App

Get a customized app for Android and iOS with powerful features without the design, development and testing nightmares

Communities & Memberships

Engage audience better by building communities and group memberships. Let members chat and network during and after the event.

Beautiful Real-Time Reports

Stay updated and informed anytime, anywhere with our real time reporting features.

Cost-Effective and Client-First

Build on your passion. Leave the technology to us.

Complete Flexibility

It’s always your event. Enjoy full control and flexibility over all the products in the platform

Explara’s whitelabel and licensing options have simplified the way event organizers operate.

We are delighted to power some of the biggest conferences and events with our technology, delighting event organizers across the world.