Start selling tickets online in 5 minutes

Create Event Page

Create an event page and add the basic details like the event name, venue, date and what kind of an event it is.

Create Tickets

Set-up your tickets the way you want them - discounts, different currencies, dependent tickets, and more.

Customize It!

Finally, add the images that go with your event and customize the email templates going out to the attendees.



You can display and sell your event tickets from anywhere. Explara’s registration widget allows you to sell event tickets from your official and affiliate websites. It’s a simple piece of code that you can copy and paste wherever you like.


Sell on Facebook

You can now sell your event tickets directly on Facebook through Explara’s Facebook widget. Simply connect and authorise your the Explara app on your Facebook page and link your event to it. No more redirections for your Facebook audience.


Custom Registration

Choose the kind of registration that goes with your event: Invitation only, Group registrations, multi-session registrations, and many more. You can also customize the registration form to collect relevant and important information from your event’s attendees


Discounts & Codes

Create and manage multiple discounts and codes as part of your campaigns. You can create bulk discounts, code based discounts, flat discounts and even re-engagement discounts. All changes made are instantly reflected in the websites and Facebook pages.



Offer different registration types based on different currencies. This makes it easy for your global attendees to pay in their own currency. The pricing will be controlled by one base currency that can be set from your dashboard at any time.



Providing a limited number of seats or attendance for your event? Make sure you maintain your number and don’t lose out because of last minute cancellations by using the waitlist feature by Explara. Accept and keep track of attendees on a waitlist basis to make use you have exactly the right number of participants at your event.


Team Collaboration

Invite and work with your team members to collaborate on events and projects. You can award different access levels and ensure that you maintain full control over the account and can override all settings and changes within the event.


Reports & Analytics

Explara provides a complete set of tools for you to keep track of registrations, attendee and buyer information, sales, discount code usage, and other performance indicators. You can also download all of your data in anytime you need right from the dashboard.


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